Revenue Ministry Releases Details of Jammu Transfers



In a bid to explain that transfers in Jammu region are not selective, state’s Revenue Ministry on Saturday released details about the transfers “in the interest of administration” in last six months.

Divisional Commissioner Jammu who controls all the districts administration has ordered a total of 26 transfers and 14 of them are Muslims. In most of the cases, the details suggest the transfers were ordered by the Revenue Minister.

The details tabled in the state assembly included two lists, both pertaining to Patwaris. In the first list there were a total of 30 transfers and 27 of them were Muslims. In the second list 90 transfers of Patwaris were listed and 36 of them were Muslims.

In Kathua district, 32 transferred were ordered in six months and 17 of them were Muslims. Of the 40 transfers ordered in the office of Tehsildar R S Pora, nine are Muslims.


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