Yasir Qazi removed as ‘Mirwaiz south Kashmir’ after an obscene video goes viral


The Idaar-e-Tehqeeqat or Islamic Research Institute (IRI) has removed Qazi Yasir as Mirwaiz of South Kashmir after a video of Yasir performing an obscene act went viral on social media earlier this week.

A day after a video went viral, Chief Patron Islamic Research Institute (Idara) Mohammed Abdullah, on Friday decided to take away the post of Mirwaiz from him. He was also stepped down from the presidentship of Idara Tehqiqat e Islami. Abdullah, who is also the grandfather of Qazi Yasir, decided to expel him from the family if he proves guilty.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir (KL  file Image)

The obscene video with an unknown female has forced the Facebook users to create memes defaming him, and that is being widely circulated, especially in south Kashmir. However, local police and the separatist camps have maintained silence over the issue.

The family had earlier called a presser and told media that Yasir’s image is being tarnished by the fake propaganda and accused a Jammu based newspaper of publishing a story based on propaganda.

“We don’t even know who is behind it, and with what intentions, we have no idea about his political affiliations or his supporters,” Qazi’s brother Shubli told the media. And added: “But we have registered a legal process against those who are behind this and are hopeful that legal investigations won’t let us down.”

Yasir pursued his primary education from Hanfiya High School in Islamabad. but soon after his father, Dr Qazi Nisar was assassinated by unidentified gunmen in Dialgam village on June 19, 1994, he was titled as the head preacher of South Kashmir by Mufti Rasheed, the head Mufti of South Kashmir. He went to Al Jamiat Ul Ashrafiya to receive Islamic education and stayed there for six years. Later he moved to Aligarh Muslim University, where he completed his graduation in Islamic Studies and also received his master’s degree in Islamic studies.

Yasir, the father of two kids, was also the Chairman of Islamic Research Institute and chief spokesman of Muttahida Ulema I Ahli Sunnat, an amalgam of 47 religious organizations of the state. Yasir and Ummat e Islami worked for relief and rehabilitation operations during the catastrophic floods that hit the state in 2014.

Yasir’s father Qazi Nisar was the Mirwaiz of South Kashmir and founding member of the Muslim United Front (MUF), an amalgam of socio-political organizations. Nisar was very active in ‘rigged’ 1987 elections during which he became popular for his fiery speeches.


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