Yawar Mir asks Youth to Foil Designs of ‘Disruptive Elements’



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Yawar Mir
Yawar Mir

Ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Youth wing Secretary General Yawar Dilawar Mir called upon the youth to take a leading role in rebuilding the state which has witnessed “a long trail of mayhem and destruction during the turmoil”.

He said active role of youth was “imperative to bring socio-economic transformation in the troubled state”.

Yawar is a lawmkare in state assembly representing Rafiabad constituency.

Speaking to party workers at Dak Bungalow, Baramulla on Saturday, Yawar asked youth to organise themselves for a “strong movement” for the cause of masses.

“The people of the state have been always exploited by the vested interests to satiate their motives,” he said. “Not caring about the disastrous repercussions, some people are blowing sensitive issues out of proportion, one after another, to set the state on fire for meeting their selfish ends,” Yawar said.

He said that onus lies on the youth to involve themselves in a struggle “against the forces inimical to peace and prosperity of the state”. “If youth of the state fail to integrate themselves in political and social activities to get rid of exploitive and power hungry forces, the posterity will never forgive us,” he added.

Yawar cautioned the youth to be vigilant against the “vested interests” who involve the innocent people especially youth in violence, on one pretext or the other to get political mileage, not caring about their career and future.

“We have seen how innocent youth are being made fodder of cannons for meeting their game plan,” Yawar alleged.

He sought cooperation of the youth “to do some productive work” for overall society. “Time has come when youth have to come forward in a big way to enrich the politics with new ideas and ideals and clean the system of orthodoxy and selfishness.”


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