Youth empowerment will hold key to shaping India’s destiny, Omar Abdullat at Harvard

Omar Abdullah speaking in the Harvard University Boston
KL News Network
National Conference Working President Mr. Omar Abdullah on Saturday delivered a keynote address at the prestigious Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Speaking on “The role of youth in shaping and changing India’s destiny” at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Omar Abdullah said the political, economic and social empowerment of India’s youth will define how it emerges as an economic and strategic power in the coming years, NC spokesman in Srinagar said.
“India – like many emerging economic global powers – is witnessing a significant growth in its youth demographic and hence the qualitative enhancement and empowerment of its youth is perhaps the most important factor that will define its future”, Omar Abdullah said while speaking at the India Conference at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
Omar Abdullah also delved on various opportunities that have come India’s way in the previous few years on account of steady and strong economic growth and spoke about the need to use these opportunities to meet various challenges that still act as roadblocks preventing the country from achieving an optimum level of infrastructural, educational and social empowerment while protecting its secular and multicultural ethos.


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