Director General Police (DGP) K Rajendra Kumar Saturday trashed the reports of any ISIS ideology reaching Kashmir, saying those who wave such flags ‘are doing it just for publicity.’

Talking to KNS, he said, “After the police investigations were conducted over the reason behind the surfacing of the Islamic State flags during protests in Kashmir, it was found that there is no such conviction that is luring the young boys to wave the flags.”

“As we found IS flags being waved during protest demonstrations in Kashmir, several youth were arrested and during the investigations, police found no ideology behind such actions,” the DGP said, adding that there was no conviction behind waving of the IS flags in Kashmir.

“I can tell you that some boys are doing it just for fun. There is no ideology of IS reaching Kashmir. Those who wave IS flags are the boys between the age group of 16 to 18. You cannot declare them as IS ideologues,” the state police chief said.

He maintained that counselling sessions were being arranged by the police so that youth in the valley do not take part in stone pelting protests. “We counsel these boys and also their parents and are getting the positive response. There is an impact on ground visible after police comes up with the counselling sessions,” he said.

While commenting on the reports of young boys joining militancy, the DGP termed the reports concerning ‘but not alarming.’ “You have to see that if 10 boys are getting recruited, there are eight boys who are returning to their normal lives. Such a situation indeed merits concern but it cannot be termed alarming. There are various reasons why the young minds are lured to tread the violent path. Unemployment is one of the reasons,” said the DGP.



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