12 States Have Reservations for Migrants: Govt

KL Report


As many as 12 states have reservations for migrant students in different professional and non-professional courses in addition to UT of Chnadigarh, state government informed the legislature on Friday.

So far 132 Muslim students have availed these reservations on basis of the certificates issued by the Relief Commission Jammu.

Offering details the government said “approximately” 60 thousand families migrated from Kashmir in 1990s. Of them 41117 families with 149136 souls are registered with relief commissioner Jammu. These include 37128 Hindu families, 2246 Muslim families, 1738 Sikh families and five others.

Besides, the government said 21333 families are living outside J&K of whom 19338 live in Delhi, 924 in Haryana, 319 in Punjab, 222 in UP, 208 in Maharashtra, 114 in Chandigarh, 11 in Himachal Pradesh, 57 in Uttaranchal, 43 in Madhya Pradesh, 38 in Karnataka, and 58 in Rajasthan.


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