134 Civilians Killed in Kashmir Since 2009: Government

KL Report


Though 125 civilians were killed only in 2010, agitation, government on Wednesday said that only 134 civilians lost their lives in Kashmir since 2009. The government also said that the civilians got killed for being part of the violent mobs and protests.

Abul Rehman Veri of PDP had asked the government about the count of the killed civilians by police/security forces since 2009 till date and the government said while answering the question, “Since 2009 till ending July, 2014, 114 civilians have lost their lives in Kashmir Valley who were part of the violent mobs/protests, got injured during the engagements between protesters and the deployment on ground and succumbed to their injuries. In addition, 20 persons lost their lives due to various law and order disturbances including stone pelting, stampede, blast, drowning etc.”

The government also said that FIRs were registered against 6563 persons in 2010, out of whom FIRs have been withdrawn in respect of 1811 persons.

About the number of enquiries ordered during the said period, the government said that 4 Magisterial enquiries were ordered during this period, out of which 3 have been finalized while as 1 is in progress.


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