18 accused persons held for smuggling banned medicinal herbs in Bandipora: Police


Police on Saturday claimed to have arrested 18 accused persons for smuggling banned medicinal plants in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district.

Medicinal Herbs

The spokesman in a statement said that Bandipora police during separate naka checking in the jurisdiction of Police Stations Bandipora and Pethakot seized approximately 04 quintals of banned medicinal plants.

“These medicinal plants, locally known as Sheetkaar were transported from Gurez in eight different vehicles,” the spokesman said.

“18 accused persons were arrested and all the eight vehicles used in the commission of crime were also seized,” he said.

In this regard, Bandipora police has registered 04 FIR’s, 02 each in Police Station Bandipora (FIR No.77/2018 under section 379 RPC, 06 F.Act, FIR No.78/2018 under section 379 RPC, 06 F.Act) and Police Station Pethakot (FIR No.06/2018 under section 379 RPC, 06 F.Act, FIR No.07/2018 under section 379 RPC, 06 F.Act).


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