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While contradicting NC General Secretary Sheikh Nazir’s statement, party’s member parliament and Dr Mehboob Beigh said “1975 Accord happened between Shiekh Abdullah and Indira Gandhi.”

While talking to a Srinagar based news-gathering agency CNS, he said “It will be wrong to say that accord happened between Mirza Afzal Beigh and G Parthasarthy.” Mehboob is son of Mirza Afzal Beg. Though he once was part of the NC group that toppled Dr Farooq Abdullah by supporting G M Shah, he later returned back to his ranks in the party.

He added that Beigh was representative of Shiekh Abdullah when accord took place, “Mirza Afzal could not go to meet Parthasarthy himself, Shiekh and Indira were the part of it.”

Advocate Sheikh Nazir had claimed in an interview to daily Greater Kashmir today that “Sheikh saheb was not directly involved in the 1975 exercise, it was Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg and G parthasarthy who were talking to each other”.

“I don’t know in what context Nazir Ahmed said so, but the fact remains that Mirza Afzal was mere a representative of Shiekh when accord happened,” he said.


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