2014 Floods Anniversary: Hurriyat (m) Supports Trade Strike Call



Terming the Kashmir Bandh call given by the Kashmir Trade Associations on September 7 against the government failure to rehabilitate the flood victims of September 7, 2014 as justified, Hurriyat (m) Chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Thursday expressed his concern and regret over complete apathy of government in providing relief and rehabilitation package to the flood victims despite the passage of a year since the deadly floods damaged the residential and business infrastructure in Kashmir.

“During the past few days, several trade federations including Kashmir Trader and Manufactures (KTMF) Federation, Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) and others called upon Mirwaiz to apprise him about the government inaction to rehabilitate traders and people affected by the flood. The several delegations comprised of trade leaders  Mohammad Yasin Khan, Showket Choudhary, Jan Mohammad Koul, Sirajuddin Punjabi,, Manzoor Ahmad and Deen Mohammad Matoo told Mirwaiz that government had not taken any concrete step or unveiled any policy to compensate the damages to trade infrastructure, businessmen, and flood victims of September 07, 2014,” a Hurriyat (m) statement said this evening. “Despite a year had passed since the flood devastated Srinagar, the traders told Mirwaiz that government had made only verbal commitments for the flood victims, but practically no step had been taken to redress the sufferings of flood victims including traders.”

While assuring the traders Mirwaiz said, “Hurriyat Conference (m) would extend all support to the demands of Kashmiri traders.” “Hurriyat fully supports the strike call given by traders on September 07.”

“Trade is the back bone of every economy and as such it is highly unfortunate that government has so far exhibited a completely callous and indifferent approach to compensate the damages inflicted upon the traders and trade infrastructure by the devastating floods,” Mirwaiz said.

He said that the traders have been giving Crores of Rupees to the government as tax hence it was the duty of the government to come to their aid. He denounced the government polices in this regard.

“The government has so far failed to compensate the flood victims on local level, adding, it had also failed to bring aid from the Government of India to alleviate the sufferings of flood victims. The government also denied international aid to Kashmir which clearly reflects the anti-people polices adopted by them,” Mirwaiz said. “Kashmir economy was suffering since there was no proper trade infrastructure. It was extremely important to inject strength in trade and invest in trade infrastructure to extricate Kashmir out of this financial crisis.”


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