2014 Floods Anniversary: NC Supports Trade Strike Call on Sep 7



National Conference on Thursday supported the call for a complete shutdown and strike call on the 7th of September given by various Traders’ Associations, Non-political organizations and Flood Victims. “We support the strike call given by various Trade Bodies, Civil Society groups and flood victims to commemorate the one year anniversary of the devastating floods that hit Kashmir in September. One year has come to pass and the PDP-BJP Government has refused to show the bare minimum political will to rehabilitate and compensate the flood victims. We support the call for Hartal on the 7th as a mark of protest against the Mufti Govt’s criminal indifference towards the flood victims,” NC Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani said in a party statement.

The NC Provincial President said the PDP-BJP Government had intentionally sabotaged the Rs 44,000 Crore flood relief package as the State’s Finance Minister had opposed the package on the floor of the Legislative Assembly giving the Central Government an excuse to trivialize the misery and sufferings of the flood victims. “That the Mufti Government deliberately sabotaged the Flood Relief Package is an established fact. It was PDP that foisted elections on a devastated people just a month or so after the worst natural disaster in our contemporary history. By doing so they brought the relief and rehabilitation efforts to a grinding halt. The tried to hide their thirst for power behind the moral smokescreen of a new government being in a better position to rehabilitate the flood victims. A year later, where is the rehabilitation and compensation? Whatever little the flood victims have received in terms of compensation was managed through limited resources by the previous Omar Abdullah-led Government,” NC Provincial President said.

“We are with the trade bodies, civil society and flood victims and we will protest with them till they are compensated and rehabilitated in a dignified and effective manner. National Conference continues to treat flood victim rehabilitation as a topmost priority and we will never hesitate to agitate for justice for the flood victims,” the NC Provincial President added.


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