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As per census of 2011, there is increase of 3.02 lakh rationed families since 2001. This was revealed by minister for Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (CAPD) while responding to calling attention notice of Abdul Rehman Veeri. Informing the assembly, the minister said that in the census of 2001, 19.71 lakh rationed families were enumerated, which according to census of 2011 has rose to 22.73 lakh.

Out of earlier estimated 19.71 rationed families, the Government of India has been allocating food-grains to 18.02 lakh families @35 kg per family per month. This calculation was done on the basis of projected population of the year 2000.
Covering the entire 19.71 lakh families under PDS, State Government, to cover the additional 1.69 lakh families is using its own financial resources.

Minister further informed house that as per census of 2011, there are 3 lakh families uncovered under TDPS , “the same are likely to be covered once the Government of India adopts the figures of census 2011 and allocates the food grains on that basis to the State Government,”  Akhoon said.


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