Saima Bhat


In Jammu and Kashmir, there are 32539 families registered of Displaced Persons (DPs) of 1947 from the other side of Kashmir. The families are living in Jammu and South Kashmir’s Islamabad district.  Moreover, there are also 2036 Burmee refugees living in Narwal Bala and Channi areas of Jammu region.

This was stated by government in the legislative assembly today in response to the questions asked by Jugal Kishore and Engineer Rasheed. Talking about the measures taken for the welfare of families, the government said that they have adopted a policy of Rehabilitation of DP in which an ex-gratia relief of Rs 5,000 per kannal to maximum of Rs 25,000 per family have been given to the deficit DPs (rural allottees).

Moreover state says that an additional Rs 5 crore was released to custodian Jammu, out of which 1873 families have been paid an amount of Rs 423.71 lakhs. Later, in 2008 the rates were revised. As per the new rate, Rs 30,000 per kanal maximum to the 1.50 lakhs per family is now being paid to them.

In addition to Rs 5 crores, Government of India (GOI) has sanctioned Rs 49 crores to custodian Jammu in six equal installments. Out of this sanctioned amount, Rs 25.20 crores has been distributed among 2444 eligible families.
The process of disbursement of funds is on and now government is considering urban DPs as well for the allotment of plots or quarters, which otherwise have not been given till date

In district Anantnag alone, 496 kanals has been allotted to these refugees in Rakh Brah in Shangus for residential purposes. More to it, 4 kanals of state land has been allotted to them for graveyard purposes and state claims that every facility like ration, water, road connectivity and other basic amenities have been provided to these refugees.

Talking about Burmee refugees, no such facility has been given to them.


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