37347 Hindu, 2252 Muslim migrants families settled in Jammu since 1997; Figures up by 70 percent: Govt

Aakash Hassan


In Jammu there has been an increase of a whopping 70 percent in the migrant population, government said on Monday.

At present there are 41462 families living as migrants that are registered with the government.

In a written reply in Legislative Assembly on Monday, government said, “The main reason for the increase in number of families is on account of bifurcation and increase in family strength/population.”

The documents also stated that there are certain cases which have not been registered due to non receipt of verification from the concerned agencies.

BJP lawmaker Rajesh Gupta had sought an answer for the “abnormal increase” in the migrant families.

Earlier in the year 1997 the population of migrants has been stated in Jammu as 29074, while as in 2002 the number raised to 34216 and in 2008 it further surged to 37398.

The documents also revealed that 18589 families are receiving cash assistance at the rate of “Rs 2500 per soul subject to maximum ceiling of Rs 10,000 per family” and 9kg atta, 2kg sugar, 1kg rice, per month and 10 liters kerosene per month.

These families comprise of 37347 Hindus, 2252 Muslims, 1758 Sikh and five others.

In the last five years the documents father reveal that 2378.561 lacs have been “spend on account of cash assistance and free ration.”


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