38 Years After Getting Buried In Avalanche, Jawans Remains Found At Siachen


SRINAGAR: A soldier who was washed away by an avalanche in 1984 during the capture of Siachen Glacier was found by a group of soldiers last week. He has been identified as Chandrashekhar Harbola of the 19 Kumaon Regiment which was the key regiment deployed to capture the glacier, under Operation Meghdoot.

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Army men busy in a rescue operation on Siachen glacier, one of the coldest battlefields in south Asia.

Reports said Harbola was part of a 20-member group that was on patrol when a snow storm washed them away. While the bodies of 15 soldiers were recovered, those of the other five could not be found and Harbola was one among them.

Harbola was from Dwarahat in Almora (Uttarakhand) and his widow, Shanti Devi, is alive. On Sunday when the officials visited her home and informed her about the recovery, he family went into instant mourning. He went missing in the fourth year of their marriage. They had two daughters, one four years of age and another one and a half years old.

“I was 25 when he went missing. We got married in 1975. When he went missing nine years later, my two daughters were very young,” Devi was quoted saying. “One was four and another a year and a half.”


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