4 patients need immediate evacuation from Zanskar, government indifferent

Aakash Hassan


With roads to Ladakh region of the Kashmir Valley cut off due to heavy snowfall, four patients lying in critical condition in CHC Padum town of Zanaskar area are battling for life and need immediate evacuation.

Locals said that these patients need to be shifted to be shifted to a tertiary care hospital and that can be possible only if a Chopper is sent to air lift them.

However, government seems to be inattentive, despite the issue being raised with top state officials and even in State Legislature.

For the last three days MLA Kargil Asgar Ali Karbalai has been raising the demand that these patients are in serious condition and need to be immediately evacuation.

Speaker Kavinder Gupta had also directed the government to look into the issue and had ordered to send a helicopter.

Karbalai, however, today again raised the issue and said that no service has been sent to Padam despite the directions from speaker’s chair. He was joined by other legislators also and they together alleged that the government was not concerned about human lives.

Speaker again today directed the government to take serious note and rebuked them for their non-serious approach.

Speaking with Kashmir Life over phone Executive Councilor Zanskar, Tenzin Sonam, termed the situation of the patients serious and said that they need immediate evacuation.

“I contacted, every top official including Div com and local MP but nothing is being done for these patients, who are battling between life,” Sonam said.

Sonam has flown to Delhi to raise the issue with Defense Minister.

“I am waiting outside Defense Ministers office and seek an appointment with minister so that I can raise the issue.”


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