Omar government resorting to anti-people Policies: PDP

KL Report


Alleging the Omar Abdullah government of worsening power situation in the Valley, Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) Wednesday said “only an insensitive, cruel and inefficient regime can resort to such anti- people policies and try to sell it as a favour to the people.”

In a joint statement, the party legislatures Abdul Rehman Veeri,  Abdul Haq Khan and Syed Basharat Bukhari said the deplorable electricity scenario has thrown the life out of gear in Kashmir, with student and business community worst hit.

“The students have been preparing for different university exams these days, and they have to face tremendous problems. Similarly, the grim power scenario has been forcing the business community to shut down their operations too early in the evening,” they said.

They added, “The situation has gone from bad to worse in Srinagar; the summer capital of J&K, with the Power Development Department resorting to un-scheduled but pestering power cuts for hours together, even in the metered areas, they said and added the state of affairs is sad in the non-metered areas, where people have to face maximum brunt of the anti-people policies of the rulers.”

The joint statement further said, “It was ironical, in a situation, when people have been paying hefty electricity dues, five folds more what they have been paying five years ago. In the rural areas, the authorities have been taking the masses for ride where electricity goes off for days together.”

The statement alleging further said, “Omar Abdullah who came into power with the promise that he will be giving free electricity to people, owes a lot of answers for making Kashmir to suffer.” They said the previous PDP-led government’s reforms in the power sector, were made fun by the Chief Minister himself by ‘promising’ people  ‘Meter Hatau, Heater Lagau (destroy heaters, use heaters), but all those ‘promises’  stand flat now.

They said the latest curtailment schedule announced by the government is humiliating and insulting in all means which shall be revoked keeping in view the tough wintry conditions ahead.


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