500 Mexican Beetles Introduced in Jambu Zoo to Stop Growth of Parthenium Weed


SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir Wildlife Protection Department has introduced Mexican beetles in the Jambu Zoo to organically counter the growth of parthenium weed.

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In a first of its kind attempt, the department in collaboration the Sheri-Kashmiri University of Agriculture, Science and Technology (SKUAST) launched the bio-control measure with the release of more than 500 beetles in the zoo area on Friday, Additional Director, Jambu Zoo, Anil Kumar Atri, said.

The organisations are exploring the possibility of eradicating parthenium weed using its natural bio-control agent — Mexican beetle (zygogramma bicolorata) — in the zoo.

The beetles will feed on parthenium leaves and plants, preventing it from attaining full maturity and further multiplication, he said.

“Similar such successive releases on the same site will be carried out for next few months during the monsoon season and the similar approach will be followed up in next year for ascertaining its effectiveness in wild areas”, Atri said.

He said that the bio-control agent is proven to feed only on parthenium and does not affect other plants and animals.


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