PDP protests ‘victimization’ of Kashmiri youth; stages walkout in LA

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Members of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) under leader of opposition Mehbooba Mufti Tuesday staged protest in Legislative Assembly and staged a walk-out over ‘victimization’ of Kashmiri youth inside and outside the state.

Annoyed over registration of false cases against scores of youth in Lolab area of Kashmir Valley and expulsion of Kashmir students from their educational institutions on flimsy ground at Meerat in Uttar Pradesh, PDP legislators Tuesday raised the issue in LA as soon as House met for the proceedings.

They were demanding withdrawal of FIR registered against youth, who have been booked on false charges, in Lolab. They were decried the failure of state government to intervene over victimization of Kashmiri youth in Meerat and other parts of the country.

Shouting slogans against the State Government, PDP legislators trooped into the Well of the House. As government failed to come out with a satisfactory reply and the proceedings were stalled, the Speaker adjourn the House.

Again when House met, PDP legislators resorted to shouting slogans accusing the government of being indifferent towards the plights of thousands of Kashmiri youth, who are being victimized both within and outside the state.

“There were false cases registered against scores of youth in Lobal and surrounding areas by the Police and detained some of them–it is shameful act by the government,” PDP legislators shouted.

They demanded withdrawal of cases against the youth alleging they were “falsely” implicated and sought a reply on the issue of expulsion of Kashmiri students at Meerat.

As the government failed to give any satisfactorily reply and remained indifferent towards the issue of public importance being raised in the House, PDP legislators under the leadership of Mehbooba Mufti staged a walkout.

Later talking to the reporters outside the Assembly, Mehbooba said that Kashmiri youth are victims of the oppressive policies of the present government. She said that Kashmir has been virtually converted into a prison where only the government and its apologists enjoy the freedom. Teenagers are arrested under draconian laws and the place has been virtually handed over to the police and security forces.

“Imprisonment of teenagers, who should be in schools, is the real picture of the present government’s performance,” she observed and pointed out that a sense of anger prevails in Kashmir, while the state has been justifying its oppressive policies as an excuse for “maintaining law and order”.

She said since the day present government took the reign of state, hundreds of people have lost their lives, with majority of them being innocent youth. Mehbooba also said that 99 percent of the persons booked under PSAs and against whom FIRs were lodged are also youth.

She said there was an immediate need to understand the anger, frustration of youth but instead the NC-led government has created a system, which is fully loaded against them.

She said instead of real ‘hand holding of the youth’, Omar Abdullah is handcuffing and subjecting them to humiliation and inhuman treatment inside the police lockups thus making their lives miserable.

Pointing out the recent incident of exile for Kashmir students in Meerat area of UP, she said that victimization of Kashmiri youth should be stopped. “The government claimed to have opened a help line for students in distress outside the state. However, as per the reports the so called Help Line does not even respond, not to speak of providing any immediate relief,” she said.


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