Irfan Tramboo


Kashmiri students of Chittorgarh University, Rajasthan alleged on Friday that they have been harassed once again by the local students in the University ahead of Indo-Pak cricket match.

Students who called Kashmir life over phone revealed that soon after Friday prayers, they were assembled in the University hostel and were busy in gossiping. “The local students attacked our hostel with lathis and stones, injuring many of the students,” they said adding “They attacked us but we didn’t retaliate,” the caller said.

Soon after the incident the students approached to the administration and complained about the harassment. “They didn’t pay any heed, and said that wait for two three days,” the caller, wishing anonymity said.

The students are now refusing to go back to their hostel and have occupied a class room of the University, where they have assembled. “We don’t have any guarantee that they won’t attack us again. We fear of our lives” he said.

The students are demanding the security cover from the University management. “If they can give us the proper security we are ready to continue our studies, otherwise not” he said.

Demanding security, the frightened Kashmiri students alleged “the local students will kill us. They are waiting to kill us,” they said.

The students as per them are feeling insecure and are mulling to return back to valley. “We demand that University authorities should at least provide us the security cover, till we will board any bus or train back to our home.” They said.

Pertinently, On the eve of India-Pakistan, Asia cup match on March 2, 67 Kashmiri students were bundled back to their homes after they were rusticated from the University in Meerut, for cheering Pakistani team.


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