Apple trader’s son from Kashmir traced after four months in Mumbai

KL Report


A Kashmiri boy, Roman Amin who had run away from Delhi to catch a glimpse of actor Salman Khan was finally traced and returned to his relieved parents, reports said on Thursday.

The 10th standard student is the son of an apple trader, Mohammad Amin from Jindwal Pulwama, and was missing since November 2013.

The 15-year-old Roman had gone to Delhi with his father four months ago. He reportedly went missing near Azadpur market. Mahindra Park police in Delhi had registered a kidnapping case on November 27, 2013.

Quoting Delhi and Mumbai Police reports said that Roman’s parents had pushed the boy to study for his Board exams. However, the boy had other ideas in mind. He wanted to see Salman Khan. Already angry at being taken to task for not concentrating on his studies, he left his father and came down to Mumbai.

According to Police reports he waited for more than two hours to catch a glimpse of his hero. But, when he saw nobody, he left. He then started staying with some Kashmiri people in the city. He took a train to Mumbai and stayed with people from his state. He did small jobs and earned some money to feed himself police reports said.

However, one day he felt homesick, the reports said adding “He decided to call a relative. He spoke to him and asked not to tell his father. But, the relative informed the worrying father and contacted the Delhi police, reports quoting Delhi police added.

The boy had used the cell phone of a watchman based in Mazgaon. His relatives passed on this number to the Delhi police.

Around 9 am on Wednesday, reports said, a team of Delhi police, including an officer and two constables, took the minor along with them to Delhi and finally returned him to his parents.


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