683 Madrassa and Muktabs Functional In J&K: Govt

Saima Bhat


The number of Madrassa and Muktabs in Kashmir have increased to significantly, while in Jammu the trend is showing considerable decrease.

In a revelation in a state assembly, it was informed that presently there are 534 Madrassa and Muktabs running in Kashmir while as only 149 are present in Jammu region. What interests is that, till the year 2000, there were no Madrassa and Muktabs in Kashmir but the scene was somewhat different in Jammu where there were 67 such institutions in 2000, 65 in year 1999 and 62 in 1998.

At present, in Jammu region there are 34 registered, 87 unregistered and 28 others Madrassa and Muktabs running. While as, in 1998 the number was 23 registered, 9 unregistered and 30 others such institutions. In 1999 the number of registered and unregistered institutions remained same but others were raised to 33. In 2000, the number of registered and others institutions remained same as of 1999 but the unregistered raised to 11.

In Kashmir region the trend remained altogether different. Currently there are 237 registered, 30 unregistered and 267 others Madrassa and Muktabs functional. But during the years of 1998, 1999 and 2000 such institutions remained at zero, there was no such institution functional at that point of time.

The fund figures released by the state government for such these Madrassa and Muktabs also shows an uneven distribution of funds. If for the years 2010-11 and 2012-13 no funds were released in Kashmir but in 2011-12 funds amounting Rs 100.319 lakhs were released by the state government.

In district Budgam Rs 30.94 Lakhs, Ganderbal Rs 21.83, Kulgam Rs 27.748 , Pulwama Rs 8.11, Bandipora Rs 0.37, Srinagar Rs11.321 Lakhs were released when the authorities of such institutions claims that they don’t receive any money from state government.

In Jammu region, Rs 47.656 Lakhs in Doda district, Rs 34.532 in Jammu, Rs 12.572 in Kisthwar, Rs 23.78 in Poonch, Rs 36.32 in Rajouri, Rs 38.02 in Ramban, Rs 194.94 in Reasi, Rs 21.376 in Doda were released by the state government.
For Jammu region, funds released during 2010-11 and 2011-12 were Rs 194.94 Lakhs among which only Rs 50.634 were shown as utilized amount.

While as the number of students reading in such institutions are 9502 students in Jammu and 7117 students in Kashmir. Presently the number of teachers in such institutions are 501 in Jammu and 521 in Kashmir.

The information was revealed in state assembly under an un starred question asked by Ravinder Kumar Sharma.


  1. Dear sir/madam,
    it gives me pleasure to inform you that i run a madrassa in the Srinagar centre govt,release funds for madrassa’s in the last year.i my self submit the file in the year 2012,unfortunately the funds not yet to come.is there any hope for releasing funds for madrassaa’s.


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