83K Cases Settled, Rs 128 Compensation Awarded During Day Long Lok Adalat

SRINAGAR: Thousands of cases were settled during the day-long 4th National Lok Adalat on Saturday. The Lok Adalat courts were held across all districts by the senior judges of the respective districts.

Reports said of the 94,839 cases taken up by 119 benches in the day-long National Lok Adalat, 83,082 cases were disposed of and an amount of Rs 128,62,87,728 was awarded as a compensation/settlement amount in civil, criminal, labour disputes, Electricity and Water Bills cases, Land Acquisition, Family matters, cheque dishonour and Bank Recovery cases.

At Srinagar, a total number of 43000 matters were taken up for their amicable settlement, out of which 40639 matters were settled. Besides, an amount of Rs 2, 55, 00,000 was realized in total in the settlement. The settled matters included 11 MACT matters, in which an amount of Rs 39,00,000 was awarded as compensation.

At Baramulla, 10 benches constituted in the entire district took up 931 different cases, out of which 692 cases were settled amicably on spot. An amount of Rs 56, 21,855 was also recovered as the settlement amount.

At Budgam, a total number of 1993 matters were taken up for their amicable settlement, out of which 1428 matters were settled. Besides, an amount of Rs 1, 17, 02, 780 was realized in toto in the settlement.

At Shopian, a total of 164 cases were taken up, out of which 159 cases were settled amicably with a settlement amount of Rs 71, 100.

At Kulgam, four benches were constituted that took up 492 cases. Out of which 297 cases were amicably settled. An amount of Rs 11, 40,700 was realized in different cases.

At Kupwara,  a total number of 06 benches were constituted for taking up 2374 cases of various natures. Out of the total cases taken up before all the benches in the National Lok Adalat, 2101 cases were settled on the spot by the intervention of the benches and by the participation of the lawyers and litigants. The settled cases included cases from MACT and Bank recovery which led to a total settlement of the amount to the tune of Rs 4840381.

At Poonch, a total of 1488 cases, including civil, criminal, Bank Recovery, Pre-Litigation and others were taken up in the Lok Adalat and 1422 cases were settled by way of Mediation, Conciliation and compromise. A total amount of Rs 150550  was settled in 46 Criminal cases and 29 civil cases. Light refreshment was also served to all the participants.

In Kahua district, a total number of 2031 cases were taken up for  amicable settlement out of which 1902 cases were settled and an amount of Rs. 59,75,864  was realized as settlement amount.


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