‘In 90s Mufti told Kukka Parray: we are with you, go ahead,’ says Usman Majeed

Aakash Hassan


MLA Batamaloo, Noor Mohammad Sheikh Monday told MLA Bandipora Usman Majeed that you are an “Ikhwani and have killed a huge number of civilians in Bandipora”.

“I know in how many killings you are involved,” Noor Mohammad told Majeed in the house.

Reacting, Usman Majeed and opposition stormed in to the well and demanded apology from Noor Muhammad.

Majeed said, “Don’t compel me to open up. If we (MLAs) are speaking here it is because of Kukka Parray.”

“I know in ninties how Mufti (Sayeed) told Kukka Parray that we are with you, go ahead.”

Later while talking to Kashmir Life, Majeed said, “If MLA Batamaloo will not apologise, I’ll open up.”


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