A Bride in Shroud

Waqas Khan

People carry body of Shaista who got allagedely killed on Sunday south Kashmir Pulwama District sunday 14 February 2016 PHOTO BY BILAL BAHADUR
Final Journey: Body of Shaista Hamid (MA Student) who fell to bullets of forces on February 14 in Lelhaar area of Pulwama being taken for final rites. (KL Image BILAL BAHADUR)

Dark was destiny that draped the day

Dark was my home, too dark was alley

In the heart of Pulwama, when two souls left


To blissful abode, from bodies of sacred clay

A young bride then was carried by brothers in crowd

In a palanquin of roses, in an adorned shroud


And the tearful mother whispered adieu and sighed

Blessed be my daughter! Valley verily is proud.

With every drop of oozed blood, oh dear!


You strengthened the hoarse sounds of freedom

And sprinkled the plant of struggle in galore

For in snowy dead earth, you brought spring blossom.


Alike other martyrs, you made gun-monster to fear

For you were angelic in soul with conscience clear

Killer tore the necklace of your dreams, I know


But let him live for years yearning for sleep now,

And let him long for death with poignant nightmare

Oppressor will end in vain, so will his gory game,


The game of tyranny that bleeds dream

But believe, we shall witness, oh daughter!

The dawn of Azaadi with your bridal gleam!


(The poet has studied Convergent Journalism at Central University of Kashmir.)


  1. I truly have no words to express what i feel after reading this… For past two days i was waiting to read something that could tell me more about this girl, may be how exactly did she die, what really was in the head of those who shot her, what exactly are the true emotions of the people who knew her, how exactly her family must be feeling, how did her mother bid the last good bye to her that she must have been dreaming for years while imagining her in red bridal dress and instead she had to say the same good bye to her in a white shroud now stained red with her blood. And now its expressed so well, a story being told while no story is being told. Nice Job


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