A Guide to Creating Engaging Videos To Grow Your Brand

The internet is full of brands trying to market their products well so that they can grab their target audience’s attention. It takes more than just creating good videos to leave an imprint on your target audience and stand out from the rest of the brands. More and more companies are turning to video-based content to engage with their audience and market their brand. If you want to compete and make your brand stand out, you need to be strategic. Your videos should catch your buyer’s attention and make them want similar content in the future. 

Below we have curated a guide for you to create engaging video content for your brand.

  • A powerful storyline 

Your content should be based on a powerful storyline that speaks to your customers. The buyer’s interests and needs should be the main focus here. For this, you need to understand the buyer’s journey when investing in a product or service to convince them. 

The buyer’s journey has three stages:

  • Awareness stage: The buyer is researching to find solutions to his problem. He has experienced certain needs and is trying to put them into a box so that he can identify and understand what can help them. 
  • Consideration stage: The buyer has moved past his research now and knows that his options can help resolve his issues. He is weighing his options and considering what might work best for him. 
  • Decision stage: The buyer has made a list of all his options and target products that can positively help his needs. This list includes available vendors and products to make his final purchase decision. 

You should be able to study the buyer’s journey and frame questions to find an angle for approaching the content of your video. Make sure that the content of your video is directed to answer these questions. Here are some sample questions that you should like to look at: 

  • What issue is my buyer facing?
  • By the time he comes across my video, what stage will the buyer have reached on his journey?
  • What information can I provide my buyer with to help him make his next decision?
  1. Edit your video 

Now that you have filmed and curated a beautiful video that perfectly represents your brand, it is time to edit it. Video editing can be overwhelming since you might get confused between what to keep and what to edit. It is also not very pocket friendly, and business owners tend to get scared looking at the tool prices. Luckily, there are several online video editors available cheaply and some of them have customisable features available for free of cost.

  1. Add curiosity 

Research the web and find information that is valuable to your buyers, and present the information creatively and entertainingly. Sparking curiosity is a smart technique to keep your buyers hooked to your brand. In which case, they would want to keep learning more about what your brand has to offer. You can also give your audience new and interesting pieces of information to keep them engaged with what your brand has to offer.

  1. Focus on your camera 

Businesses often fear a lack of equipment when it comes to making videos. Making videos and learning to shoot shouldn’t have to be overwhelming. You can shoot videos very easily on your phone and touch them up with the help of an online video editor before you release them on the internet.

  1. Showcase your brand culture and personality 

Have you ever reflected on your brand culture? This can include behind the scene videos, office game days, pranks, and everything that lies behind the screen of what makes your business extraordinary. The goal is to portray your brand not just as a factory of working professionals but showing that it has an organic personality to fuel its growth.

  1. Build trust 

If you want to prove your credibility, you will have to build trust with your viewers and buyers. Feel free to showcase any awards or degrees that you acquire during your years of evolving as a brand, in your videos.

  1. Make your CTAs enticing 

Your Call To Action should be clear and powerful. CTAs are different when it comes to videos. You can ask your viewers to invest in your products or services, download a piece of your content, subscribe to your channels, or set up an appointment with your brand. They provide the scope of making your brand more approachable to the buyers.

  1. Connect emotionally 

    You can always use the buyer’s emotions to the benefit of your brand and connect with them. A strategy to sell something is to target the emotional part of the brain rather than the practical part of the brain. Help your viewers understand the goals your products or services can help them emotionally achieve. You can lead them on with an emotional question. Such questions tend to work as an instant engager, especially those that lead the buyer to the doorstep of your brand for solutions. This way, you can make your video more engaging and communicative. Remember that your buyers want to know that you care about them enough to develop faith in your brand and its strategy.


To conclude, it is normal to feel overwhelmed when creating the first video for your brand, but with some practice and experience, you will gain the confidence required to create unique high-quality video content for your brand. So what are you waiting for? It is time to pick up your camera (or phone) and start filming. You will be astonished at the increased engagement your videos will bring to your brand!

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