A section of police ‘ruthless band of unrestrained killers’: says Rasheed

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Incumbent Langate MLA Er Rasheed Thursday while castigating the police termed a section of it a “ruthless band of unrestrained killers”.  Rasheed had been allegedly manhandled by police on way to Dooru, Islamabad last Friday.

Addressing a presser in a Srinagar hotel, Rasheed narrated the incidents he has been facing since last one year at the hands of Jammu & Kashmir Police.

Rasheed said that after filing nomination papers in 2014 assembly elections, security agencies tried to carry out suicide attack on me but after being elected, a section of police officers left no stone unturned to harm, pressurise and humiliate me. The murderous attacks at Bhamla and Bhaderwah under the supervision of local police officers are in memory of everyone.

Addressing reporters, Rasheed said, “Last Friday I had gone to offer my condolences to the family of Sajad Ahmad Malik. On way, I was stopped by a contingent of police led by Sub-Inspector Gowhar who behaved in an extremely manner less way.”

The Langate lawmaker said that when he tried to make a call, the sub-inspector snatched his phone and started abusing him. “He held me by the collar and tore my clothes,” Rasheed said while displaying his torn Pheran at the presser.

“They strangulated me with the seat-belt and left me only when I was at the verge of losing my consciousness.  Soon, they started beating me with their rifle butts and hurled abuses at me. They dragged me out from my vehicle and I fell into a nearby drain,” the lawmaker said.

Rasheed alleged that he has encountered many life threatening attacks by Police on several occasions.

Responding to BJP’s Ravinder Raina’s comments wherein he had termed Rasheed as a Pakistan’s agent, he said “I want to tell them to stop labelling me as Pakistan’s agent. I am a son of this soil. And I will continue my fight for Plebiscite.”

Rasheed said that when an elected representative is meted out with such inhumane treatment from the police, how can they be the saviors of common people?

“I will expose the pseudo democracy of India which is giving impunity to such Killers,” Rasheed said while referring to Police, “I am not afraid of them.”

“I don’t expect any justice from the ‘ruthless band of unrestrained killers’. But, you bear witness to what I say today: if tomorrow I get killed, let my family know that it was J&K police’s job who have been after my life,” he asserted.


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