Aasiya, aides booked again, sent to police remand till June 2: DeM



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Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) on Tuesday lambasted the government and its police for booking and re-arresting party chairperson, Syeda Aasiya Andrabi and her two associates in another case after the court had issued an interim bail in their favour on Monday.

In a statement, DeM spokesman, Rifat Fatima, said that after the court issued orders of interim bail in favour of Andrabi Sahiba, party general secretary, Nahida Nasreen and press secretary, Sofi Fehmeeda, the police took them to Soura police station where another fake case was registered against them. “From there, the trio were taken to Rambagh Women’s police station and have been kept in police remand until June 2,” she added.

Rifat said that it was barbaric that since April 20, false cases are being registered against the trio one after another. “ The party leaders were arrested on April 20 on false charges of ‘instigating students to protest’ from Islamabad and were sent to Central Jail,” she said.

Rifat said that it took a month to get bail in that case as it was only issued on May 19. “Since May 19, Andrabi Sahiba, Nahida Nasreena, and Sofi Fehmeeda are being illegal kept under detention at the Rambagh Police station. This is political vengeance against the Baaji Sahiba,” she added.

On May 28, an interim bail order was issued and police were asked to immediately release the trio but instead of releasing them, this terrorist force came up with yet another fake case against the DeM leaders and have extended the police remand until June 2, she added.

Rifat said that this is barbaric and mockery of their own law. “ Isn’t it funny that police mocks the judgments that have been issued by its own courts.”

“Denying release to the trio despite a bail order is an example of how police disrespect the orders of Indian courts here,” she added.

Rifat further expressed concern over the deteriorating health of party chairperson inside the police station. “Not releasing her despite her being critically ill and also denying proper medical care to her is taking a heavy toll on her health,” she added.

She demanded their immediate release so that proper medical care is provided to her as soon as possible.


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