Aasiya asks Hurriyats to Devise a Counter Strategy Against Arrest Spree



Dukhtaran-e-Millat President Aasiya Andrabi strongly reacted and condemned the arrests of down town youth and stressed upon the resistance leadership to take note of these arrests and devise a counter strategy. She has said that the youth are targeted under a well thought conspiracy to make the Kashmiri nation barren.

In a statement to CNS she said that dozens of youth including many young children have been arrested in different parts of downtown Srinagar and have been lodged in police lockups where they are subjected to the worst kind of torture even in the holy month of Ramzan. “It is condemnable that police and other govt forces have launched a crackdown against the city youth with the onset of Ramzan and it has intensified the nocturnal raids in which dozens of children and youth are arrested for unknown and un justified reasons “she said and added that all this is being done to terrorize the Kashmiri youth.

She added that such is the harassment in the area that many youth are compelled to go underground to evade the arrest however police and other forces are continuously harassing their parents and asking them to present the children in police stations. Dukhtaran-e-Millat president said that the arrested youth are harassed and threatened to be booked under PSA and are asked for hefty ransom.

Aasiya Andrabi further said ,“PDP, the slave of RSS, is targeting youth just to keep them away from the movement which is however a dream which will never come true for the oppressors”. She has said that the children and youth of the nation are determined to “achieve the goal of freedom and no force and no conspiracy of India and its local stooges can break the association of Kashmiri youth” with the movement.

She, however, said that the arrested youth are not only tortured physically but mentally also to make them mentally sick. “This is a well thought plan of India and the idea seems to have been borrowed from Israel,” Andrabi said. “The arrested youth are mostly students and their precious time is being wasted in the police lockups, it is like looting Kashmir of its future …it is like making us barren,” she said and emphasized on the entire resistance leadership to do more than issuing statements by devising a counter strategy to get the arrest spree stopped. “The entire leadership needs to think over the dirty games being played, by the puppet govt on the tunes of RSS, and devise a counter strategy, we need to rise and rise to win “the statement reads.


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