Abhinav Gupt Controversy: ‘Slap PSA on Yatris Who Disturbed Law and Order’



Abhinavagupta with his two spiritual consorts, his pupils and followers - a painting by German artist Claudia Dose
Abhinavagupta with his two spiritual consorts, his pupils and followers – a painting by German artist Claudia Dose.

Jammu and Kashmir Government on Monday was asked to take strict action against those who tried to disturb law and Kashmir viz-a-viz controversial “Abhinav Gupt Yatra”.

As soon as the business resumed in Lower House of the J&K Legislature, Langate lawmaker, Er Sheikh A b Rasheed stood from his seat and said, “on one hand government spokesperson, Naeem Akhtar, has said that it has not allowed any Yatra in Budgam but scores of so-called Yatris have already reached here.”

Notable to mention, a right wing New Delhi based group had planned “Yatra to central Kashmir’s Budgam”. It had cited a cave where “Abhinav Gupta stayed”. However, locals have trashed the idea saying that leopards and snakes live in the cave.

“We are here from communal harmony,” Rasheed told the house, “but some people have reached here and are trying to disturb it.”

Seeking immediate action “such Yatris”, Rasheed said, “when youth take to streets on Fridays in Old Srinagar and they are slapped with PSA for ‘disturbing law and order’, same law should be invoked against these people who have come here and are trying to do same.”

“You are playing dual policy,” he told the treasury benches, “use same laws against these people which you are using against Palhallan and other youth.”

Meanwhile, Surankote lawmaker raised an issue wherein money has been drawn from GMC Jammu. The money was meant for buying medicine.

He waived a newspaper copy and said 56 bills have been drawn fraudulently.

The Health Minister, Bali Bhagat, assured that investigation will be carried in the issue and he will be replying to the concern of the lawmaker on Tuesday.

The Poonch lawmaker raised poor BSNL services in his area while Pulwama lawmaker, Khalil Bhand said that Pump and Lift Irrigation stations are not working in his constituency.

“The irrigation season is going on this time,” he told the house, “when people are not benefitted today then when?”

Speaker Kavinder Gupta directed the departments concerned to take serious note of the issues.


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