Abu-Zar Charitable Trust Organises Free Medical Camp In Sgr

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20150104_163140A local charitable trust, Abu-Zar, Sunday organized a free medical camp at Bota Kadal chowk Srinagar on the eve of Eid-i-Milad Un Nabi (SAW). The camp was organized in association with local Masjid committee with full enthusiasm and public participation.

The camp which started at 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening was well received. Atleast 500 patients with various ailments were examined. Besides free medical advice by team of doctors belonging to various specialties, the patients were also provided with free medicines. Kashmir pharmaceutical association also according to organizers contributed medicines for free distribution.

Among the people who visited the camp, the majority was from low income group of surrounding areas living close to water bodies of the area.

The locals appreciated the efforts of the organizers and management of the trust for arranging the camp in the area. “This was much needed as recent floods and poverty of the areas closer to lake had resulted in various ailments. So this is welcome step,” said a local shopkeeper.

Abu-Zar is a trust started a year back when a group of professionals from various backgrounds came together and took the initiative.  The motive they say was ‘to help the downtrodden’ people of the area. Under the chairmanship of J&K Bank’s former Vice-President Altaf Ahmad Bhat, the trust started to work in locality helping people to live a ‘healthy life.’

The group swelled to around 70 members who contributed Rs 50 per month. Besides around Rs 60,000 was donated from a leading car dealer.

Altaf, former trade unionists and social activist took a step further with consultation with members and started a diagnostic laboratory. With financial constraints, the member decided to donate equipments and started the functioning. The laboratory operates on ‘no profit no gain’  and various medical examinations are done.

Altaf while talking to Kashmir Life said that ”the initiative was taken to help socially deprived people and make an effort to help to live a healthy life.”

“To establish the diagnostic laboratory was possible only when president of local Masjid was gracious in allowing us to operate in building of Masjid,” said Altaf while appreciating the role of local committee.

Altaf while talking about the medical camp said that he had not expected such a huge response. It was overwhelming and strengthened our resolve to carry it further. “ It will be sinful now if we won’t carry mission forward as it was painful to see the condition of people who visited the camp.”

Altat also thanked the visiting doctors for their time,” the voluntary and free participation of doctors Dr Insha Altaf, Dr Mehvish Afzal, Dr Muiez Bashir, Dr Azhar Hashmi, Dr Sheikh Omar and Dr Shumayl  is appreciable.”

On the occasion another member Riyaz Ahmad said that ‘this was a small step to reach the milestone.’ When asked about the future plans, Riyaz Ahmad said, “ we started with small and self and this will expand and turn into big and ours.”


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