Accept You Let Afzal Down: NC To HCBA

KL Report



While hitting back to High Court Bar Association (HCBA), the National Conference dubbed their statement as “unprincipled and unethical” adding that the Bar Association is trying to absolve itself of its complicity in the death of Afzal Guru.

As per a statement NC spokesperson said, “Leave aside what NC has or hasn’t done that is a matter on which people have pronounced judgment in successive elections, all the people deserve to know where were these great lawyers that make up the bar when Afzal Guru wasn’t receiving proper representation and had to rely on an amicus curiae appointed by the courts.”

Lashing at Bar Association the NC Spokesman said, “They didn’t want to give up the income of their practice to give Guru a decent defense; they didn’t even want to contribute towards the fees of a decent lawyer so while the accused represented by Ram Jaitmalani & Shanti Bhushan are alive Afzal Guru is not.”

Calling their statement an outcome of remorse and repentance the NC spokesman said “It is widely believed that if Guru had received proper representation at the trial stage he may still have been alive today.” And added,  “Let the bar not fudge its role in what happened, let it come clean and say yes we let down Afzal Guru & having failed to defend him we are now shedding crocodile tears because until they accept their own complicity all this other talk of theirs is just guilt induced nonsense.”

Reiterating that NC was not afraid of the ‘propagandist approach’ and ‘unfounded allegations’, the NC spokesman said, “We have withstood such attacks in the past and have come clean of all allegations leveled against us.”


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