‘Act like’ Gul Shah in coming months: NC minister advised

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A video clip has appeared on social networking sites which purportedly shows party workers accusing a  senior Jammu and Kashmir minister of ignoring them in the time of need.

The video clip shows senior National Conference leader and Finance Minister Abdul Rahim Rather cornered by angry party workers sitting on a chair at his government Tulsi bagh residence.

Behind the Minister, an old man can be seen delivering a lecture, complaining to the Minister that he ignored the party workers after winning the Assembly elections.

“What can I tell you when my own village population cast their votes in favor of People’s Democratic Party. But I am telling you that I have my own 400 votes and you must not get them waste by your anti-worker approach. Take care of your workers. I don’t care if you feel angry but it is true that you ignored your party workers,” the old NC party worker tells Rather adding that neither, “you (Minister) nor your Bashir Ahmed bothers to pick up our phone when we require you the most.”

The old party worker advises silent Finance Minister to act like former Chief Minister G. M. Shah and open the lid of your treasure. “Be like Gul Shah in the coming four months (till Assembly elections) and shower your magnanimity on your workers,” he says.

The old man tells the Minister that he felt sick after the defeat in the Lok Sabha elections. “Mufti Sahab intervened on part of his workers when they had scuffle with our party workers at Dadwounpur in 2004. Our workers were arrested but you cared a fig for them. When we sought your help, you did not do anything. We went to Sagar (Ali Muhammad Sagar) who told us to ask Rather and he will accompany him to police station, still you didn’t help us,” the old man is shown saying to the Minister in the video clip while rest of the workers sitting there have been shown agreeing with his words.

At last, the old man has been shown advising the Minister Abdul Rahim Rather to be strong and pro-party workers. “We will support you. We will give blood for you,” the old man swears.

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