Terming the hue and cry across India over an event about Muhammad Afzal Guru and Mohammad Maqbool Butt by students at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi as “unnecessary and beyond the understanding of anyone”, Hurriyat Conference (g) Thursday said that as “India is claiming to be a largest democracy in the world, so this democracy should not only allow its people to raise their voices for their birth rights but they should also try to know and address the root cause of the grievances of the Kashmiri students”.

Hurriyat Conference (g) cautioned, “if the university authorities take any action against Kashmiri students, this will not only negate the democratic claims of this country but it will also have very strong reaction in Jammu and Kashmir and the Indian government will be responsible for all this.”

In a statement issued to KNS, Hurriyat Conference (g) spokesperson said, “it is not the first time that the Kashmiri students have organized such an event in any educational institution of India but wherever they are studying, they raise their peaceful voices against the oppression which their nation is facing since a long time.” “This is not only a natural reaction of the situations in Kashmir but it is also a constitutional, legal and democratic right of the students to show their concerns.”

“The students of the JNU New Delhi have neither committed any act of violence in the university nor did they indulge in any other immoral activity there. They have just raised slogans against the secret hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru and in favour of the freedom for Kashmir during the peaceful protest demonstration and it hadn’t harmed anybody. But the hue and cry which the university authorities, VHP, RSS and the Indian Media Mafia have raised against this small event is totally unfair, unjustified and beyond the understanding of anybody,” the spokesperson said.

Hurriyat Conference (g) expressed surprise and sorrow that the “policy and decision making in India is now performed by the anchors of the TV channels and whatever they want, they make it sensational for the public”. “The administration, police and even the Indian judiciary cannot go against their self-made decisions.”

“The way Indian news channels are debating and presenting the simple and normal event in the JNU in New Delhi as if the students in the university had dropped any bomb or planted any land mine in the campus,” the spokesperson said, “the Indian media mafia by projecting the incident in a wrong way is actually creating an unsafe atmosphere for the Kashmiri students and is trying to gather a public consensus against them.”

“If any untoward thing happened with Kashmiri students in New Delhi that will have very serious consequences and all its responsibility will be on the Indian government,” the spokesperson said, “the Kashmiri nation is proud of their students who had held peaceful protest demonstration and they stand with them in whatever the situations.”


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