Adbi Kunj Jammu Remembers its Founder



Adbi Kunj Jammu

On the eve of 83rd birth anniversary of veteran multilingual literary personality Dr O P Sharma Sarthi, who is founder of Adbi Kunj Jammu, the organization organized a special literary tribute programme at its centre Zee Pre Kidzee School, Talab Tillo, Jammu.

Highlighting the contribution of Sharma, President Adbi Kunj Sham Talib said, “Gurudev O P Sharma Sarthiji has a great role in the making and upliftment of the organization.”

While paying tributes to Sarthiji he described him as a legendary literary figure and lover of mankind, a statement issued by Adbi Kunj said.

Ushaq Kishtwari, who was chief guest of the programme, praised the efforts of Sham Talib as the head of the organization.

On the occasion two Urdu papers: ‘Sarthi Ji aur Adbi Kunj’ by Sham Talib and ‘Sarthi Tarze Asloob’ by Aarash Om Dalmotra were released.

The function was presided by a noted poetess Santosh Nadan and poet Ved Uppal.

In the programme, a musical round up also held on the eve of Baisakhi celebrations, in which audience was thrilled by emerging singers. Mushaira was also held in which poets paid their tributes to Sarthi.


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