Adopt Public Friendly Approach: DGP To Cops

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Crediting the personnel of Jammu and Kashmir Police (JKP) for maintaining peace and order in the state, director general of Police (DGP), Ashok Prasad Thursday said that executive police is directly involved with the public having a primary role in restoring a sense of security among the minds of people.

DGP Prasad addressing a police durbar at district police lines.
DGP Prasad addressing a police durbar at district police lines.

DGP Prasad was addressing a police durbar at district police lines. “The personnel working in the executive police represent the organization during discharge of duty and wherever you are performing your duties, you remain under the gaze of public,” DGP told cops. “As such your performance should always be of highest standards.”

The top cop in JKP said people friendly image has remained of paramount importance, which has benefited the organization in fighting criminals and bad elements. “Goodwill of the people is valuable asset and the police have to remain accessible to the people at their call.”

Appreciating the role of police personnel and officers in maintaining “peace and order during tough situations”, the DGP said that they exhibited high standards of policing and ensured restraint despite provocations by the exploiting elements that always remain inimical to peace for their personal gains. “Your role has been recognized at national level also,” Prasad told cops. “The force had to face grave situations which you succeeded in tackling with fortitude avoiding collateral damages.”

While bringing peace, police-head said, our “valiant” cops and officers offered the sacrifices of their precious lives for which the organization is proud. “We affirm to take forward their mission and bring lasting peace so that the people can live in a peaceful atmosphere.”

Exhorting the cops and officers to always adopt public friendly approach while dealing the situations, the DGP said: “JKP is a part of the society and priority should always be to provide security and safety to the people avoiding any loss to life and property.”

Prasad highlighted the importance of executive police in building the image of the force, saying that the cops and officers of the wing are involved with the public at grass root level and whenever the people face any problem in their day to day life, they approach to the nearest police post or station.

“It is the responsibility of the concerned to address their problems with the coordination of civil administration of the area providing relief and justice for the public at an earliest.” He reiterated that the people have full faith in the police and it is our duty to keep this faith maintained by addressing their problems besides prevailing peace and order.

Regarding welfare measures, DGP Prasad disclosed that during the year 2012, more than Rs 21 crores were disbursed under different welfare schemes to benefit the police and their families. “Ex-gratia relief for those personnel who attain martyrdom or inflict injures while discharging their duties has been enhanced,” he told the gathering of men in uniform.


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