AFSPA A Policy Matter, Army Has No Mandate to Make Statements: CPI (M)


KL Report


Taking an exception to the statement of Army Chief General Bikram Singh on revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from Jammu and Kashmir, the CPI (M) State Committee today said army is an institution with a mandate to safeguard the sovereignty of the country and it should avoid making any statements on policy matters.

As per a statement the Committee observed that it was the political disinterest in Delhi that is providing a room to the army to come in public on important policy matters. “The issue pertaining to the revocation of AFSPA should be left to the government and army should not issue any statements on issues not enshrined in its mandate,” the Committee remarked.

The CIP (M) State Committee reiterated its call that government of Jammu and Kashmir should bring a resolution on revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in the state. “The government should bring resolution in the state assembly on revocation of AFSPA and the CPI (M) will support its passage,” the Committee remarked, adding that since the infiltration is down, militancy decreased and the overall security situation has improved, it becomes imperative on part of the government of India to consider revocation of AFSPA.



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