AFSPA, Creation of Inkpot Party: NC

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National Conference (NC)  Wednesday directed the rank and file of the party to be vigilant and give befitting reply to mischievous elements who are involved in mischievous fabricated and baseless propaganda.

Addressing a gathering to welcome renowned social activist of Bandipore Mohammad Abdullah Wani who joined NC in presence of Party Province Chief  Nasir Aslam Wani, Minister for Higher Education Mohammad Akbar Lone, Omar Abdullah’s Political Secretary Tanvir Sadiq at Nawia Subh, party headquarter in Srinagar.

While speaking on the occasion, Nasir said “if there is any enemy of your rights, safety, aspiration and future its only the leadership of the ink pot party”. ‘This party’s entire leadership is based on lies and treachery,” he added.

“They will show you a green flag and emotionally black mail you but to fulfill their nefarious design not hesitate to spill your blood,” Nasir said adding “remember the massacres of Bandipora, Hawal, Bejbehara”

“They will talk about democratic institution but intentionally forget how they trampled the democratically elected government through their founder Jagmohan,” he said

“Mufti is the epitome of corruption, he himself had to resign for corruption when he was the deputy minister in Sadiq sahib’s ministry” said Nasir “ if today he gets all the corrupt people to join his party don’t be surprised because they are only to make our state economically weak” he added

“His existence is based on making the people of Jammu and Kashmir weak both economically and politically” said Nasir adding “defeat him, his polices because you are the masters of your future and don’t forget it was Sher-e-Kashmir who gave you the power to stand up for your rights” he added

“Today seeing the enthusiasm of the people of Bandipore, I am certain that we will defeat this party overwhelmingly, and the first victory will be from your area” Nasir said amidst cheering crowd.

In his address, party’s senior leader and Minister for Higher Education Mohammad Akbar Lone said government under dynamic leadership of Omar Abdullah has given the best governance in the state and the state is progressing in all spheres of life.

He said the state government in the last four years have empowered the people and given them the right to know and the right to question.

“Omar Abdullah led government has created, revived and restored institutions to ensure a better delivery mechanism.” said Lone.

He said the state government is fulfilling the dreams of late Sher–I–Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad d Abdullah and commitment of the NC to provide basic amenities to the people of the state.

Lashing out at PDP he said that PDP is the creation of agencies to erode the sovereignty and identity of the state. He said that people of the state must remain vigilant with the conspiracies of the communal politics of PDP, and other parties.

“AFSPA is the creation of PDP and people are being punished by the decision taken by Mufti” said Lone in their address adding “We are committed to its revocation and will ensure it is done soon” he added


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