After devastating floods, paying guests allege ‘ruthless’ behavior of their landlords


KL Report


In the aftermath of recent devastating floods that hit Kashmir valley on September 07, some landlords are proving to be more devastating for their flood-hit paying guests. And the areas, which were badly hit by the floods, where residents have not returned are turning to be hub of social evils during wee hours.

Abdul Majeed Khan used to live in a rented apartment in Rajbagh area. When floods hit this area, he along with his family (wife and son) left from the apartment in the evening of September 07. He returned after almost a gap of 25 days to see if his belongings are safe. But to his surprise his landlord caught his eye and asked to clear his dues.

“He asked me to pay the rent for last month and as I returned on October 01 so he was asking me to pay for this month as well,” Said Khan and added, “Irony was that he himself knows the building is not safe now.” In addition to that Khan has been asked to pay an extra amount of Rs 2000 for cleaning the apartment. Khan is employee of a private organization where he earns Rs 15,000 a month.

Such “callous approach” of landlords have resulted in sleepless nights for people like Khan.

Meanwhile as per some eyewitness accounts, in the areas which were badly affected by the floods are turning out to be epicenter of social evils these day.

During day all residents come to clean up their homes and as the dawn sets, everybody return to their temporary shelters and some unknown people take the charge of these areas.

Mohammad Shafi, a resident of Rajbagh said, “Yesterday I was cleaning my house till late evening but when I left, I saw some immoral activities going on in the area.” He adds, “There is no electricity in our area and rarely any local resident stays back which has resulted in such activities in the area. And scorn is such that you will see going it all around.”


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