After Floods Apple Freight Doubles

KL Report


The freight of fruit from Valley to Delhi has gone up by hundred per cent resulting in the fresh worries of the fruit growers and businessmen. Irony is that a single box comprised of fallen apple (second grade) is sold at Rs 130 in Azadpur Delhi while as its freight is charged at Rs 135 per box.

In the absence of a transport policy, the valley fruit – whatever is left from flash floods and unfavourable weather – is suffering and facing huge losses.

Reports from Southern apple town of Shopian said that transport unions and companies have doubled the freight rate to Delhi.

Reports said that normal rate of a single apple box from Shopian to Delhi was Rs 75 while as the present rate has gone up to Rs 135. Abdul Shakoor Wani, a local businessman told Kashmir Life that normal freight up to Jammu was Rs 20 to Rs 25 per box and it has gone up to Rs 51 per box. He added that same is the case with Mumbai for which the freight has gone up from normal Rs 90 to Rs 170. He said that the normal rate from Shopian to Amritsar was Rs 30 but now Rs 72 per box is charged.

“Interestingly, fallen fruit worth Rs 54,000 was charged Rs 48,000 freight from Shopian to Delhi,” Wani said.

Another fruit grower Riyaz Ali Lone told Kashmir Life that the fluctuation in freight is troubling them and they suffer after floods and whatever was left after many hail storms.

Reports reaching from northern apple town of Sopore also suggest that fruit growers are facing problems as freight rates have almost doubled. Locals informed Kashmir Life that Sopore fruit mandi was closed for fresh arrivals for two days only to manage the present fruit.

Sources said that authorities are not coming to the rescue of the fruit growers and businessmen resulting in the huge damage to the industry.


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