Afzal Guru Event: Stop ‘Manufactured, Selective’ Profiling of Kashmiris, IJT says



State’s all Muslim students’ organizations, Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) Jammu and Kashmir Friday has expressed profound concern over the harassment of Kashmiri students in New Delhi and demanded immediate end to the policy of “selective targeting” of Kashmiris.

“As per media reports, Kashmiri students are being subjected to ‘repeated questioning, and are being stalked by Delhi police in civvies’.  The reports also suggest that Delhi police were raiding the residences of Kashmiri students putting up in different areas of the Indian capital and also subjecting them to undue questioning and frisking at various public places,” a statement issued by IJT said this evening.

“IJT believes that whatever is happening around the JNU Campus is claimed by Indian citizens as a matter of their Constitutional right. However, Government of India was trying to make Kashmiri students as scapegoats and divert the attention from the very basic problems back home,” the statement said, “IJT condemns this policy of selective targeting, highhandedness and creating fear psychosis among Kashmiri students.”

The statement further read, “in order to hide their failures, the NDA government and its ideological affiliates were trying to drive political mileage by embarking on a traditional policy of stereotyping Kashmiri students.  However, this policy is ruining the career of thousands Kashmiri students and has dangerous consequences.”

IJT, the statement said, demands immediate end to this “manufactured profiling and selective targeting of Kashmiri” students who are studying in various institutions across India.  “At the same time, IJT demands that the authorities concerned in Jammu and Kashmir should take up the matter with New Delhi and demand immediate end to this policy of hatred towards Kashmiris students.”


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