My mates

As heart as always awaited

A messenger of truth, freedom and peace

One came walking to me, my cell

Through the dark alleyway like corridor that walks to my bars

Its rythmic cracks were like filigree

Very long , very dark be day, or be dark night

A weak slumber was over me 5:00 am it was

His toe taps weekened this half death even more

He smote my iron bars times few

Called he me, ”Get up you shall be hung”

This was not of peace nor freedom nither of truth

I fell , yes my mates I fell in a pit of extreme emotions

Surprise ,fear, dumbfoundedness¬ and a tremble slight

Heart beat, heat and recovery

To this messenger I must have appeared weathered

But for a moment or two

Struck me the promises of Lord thy great

And the deals with him I had once made

Gods words , promises;

At my martyrdom,at my departure

Angels who would ease it out for me

Their faces glowing white and bright

Telling me every second I had it made

A seconds sleep and a life new again

Of the graves earth more than a bed of comfort

Of the grave a room, a window open wide

Of the scent that would come from the open window

Of the hevens great so and a hereafter so splendid and majestic

Lets not waste time counting its beauties , aroma and bounties


I offered my going to be last Prayers,Thanksg¬iving and Praise to Him

I then walked chained while the finished chores

And I was occupied by Heavenly Hoors

Most appeared gloomy,sad and phantom

A moment thought I also of

Kins and kiths,son and wife, Pa and Mum,life free

Regrets zero,longing not at all

Just joy

For my home, kiths and nation I peened words some

”Dont mourn,respect my martyrdom”

I prayed for me , I prayed for all

In chains my walking was like a crawl

My heart went to my fellow inmates

Could do nothing prayed for their fates

It was sour but no complains , no regrets

I reached were I was to be made alive

Many must have thought I was to die

I wanted my mates to be happy and I wanted to wish them a bye

As if they were hearkening , whispered I words to them

I climbed the structure,

Ah! Beautiful arrangements for death,sorry life

The hangman looked gloomy and he soon was in tears

He touched my feet,stood up,and then covered me with black

I said the Kalima one last time

Inward smiling kept I

There was a strange courage

An unexperienced vigour

A never felt joy

Yes these were Angels tickling me

And God made me brave

And suddenly came a fall, this time physical it was

I was hanging, yes I was hanging

Angels appeared as per the Great Promise


Through all this somehow I knew I was in pain

But I just knew , I was not

It was like being pricked by an object most blunt

I could feel some crux,some bulk escaping right from toes

I died , I knew I did

But I was already alive

They had quelled me in world one, in other vibrant I was

Since then all common

Some deserved privelleges

I am a martyr you know

Listen now from Shaheed Maqbool

Same narration it is to be



Poet is a student of class 11th  from Sopore



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