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World Kashmir Awareness

Non-Resident Kashmiris (NRKs) Thursday held protests near venue of the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington which is being attended by leaders from more than 50 countries including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Members of separatist Kashmiri groups held a demonstration in front of the Washington DC Convention Centre yesterday afternoon, seeking the world leaders’ intervention to resolve the Kashmir issue.

“All those leaders attending the Nuclear Summit and those who are interested in the world peace are urged to persuade both India and Pakistan to help resolve the Kashmir dispute for the sake of international peace and security,” said Ghulam Nabi Fai, secretary general, World Kashmir Awareness.

Fai served two years’ imprisonment in the US on the charges of “working on behalf of” Pakistan’s ISI.

Dr Imtiaz Khan, President, Kashmiri American Council said, “Kashmir was the bone of contention of nuclear tension between India and Pakistan. The world powers must impress upon the Government of India to stop human rights violation in Kashmir.”


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