Ahmad Nagar encounter: Couple trapped inside their home

KL Report


Amid confusion that security forces are aiming at the poultry farm in Ahmad Nagar’s Shadab Colony, reports reaching Kashmir Life Monday mid night are that the house in which suspected militants hide and engage security forces in firing is single storey house of Abdul Majeed Rangrez.

Rangrez’s brother in law told Kashmir Life over phone that as intermittent firing is going on, inside the house is owner and his wife trapped.

Rangre’z daughter who at the time when suspected militants according to relatives barged through broken compound wall inside the house was in the bathroom. Her uncle told Kashmir Life that she managed to escape through the window.

Later on with the help of Police, relatives said that there was attempt to send daughter inside to know well being of her parents, but as she approached, she heard her mother saying, “don’t come here, leave the spot.”

Rangrez’s brother in law however did not reject the claim that the couple has been kept hostage. However police officials did not comment on this issue.

The relatives are more panic as according to them with the first gun shot, the cell phones’ of both Husband and Wife are switched off


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