‘AIIMS Jammu’ Row: PDP’s Parra asks NC, Congress to Clear Their Stand

KL Report


Waheed Ur Rehman ParraPeoples Democratic Party (PDP) Friday accused National Conference and Congress of playing divisive politics and fuelling regional friction over the establishment of AIIMS in Kashmir.

“Any institution of repute being established in the State is for the larger welfare of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and not any particular region and by giving regional tilt to the issue, NC and Congress are doing no good either to the people or to the State,” PDP Youth President, Waheed-ur-Rehman Parra said in a statement this evening.

Accusing the two parties of trying to sabotage establishment of AIIMS in Kashmir, Parra said, “onus lies on the leadership of NC and Congress to come clean on the issue.”

“Ironically instead of bridging the gap between the people, NC and Congress are dangerously propagating divisive policies in the state for petty political gains,” he said and added that the two parties are whipping up regional passions by indulging in double-speak, saying something in Kashmir and something different in Jammu.

He said that Jammu and Kashmir regions are inseparable part of the same state and an institution being established in any part is for the benefit of the people of the whole State and not any particular region.

“If we have IIM, IIT and IIMC in Jammu, these institutions are for the students of the whole state and not any particular region. Similarly, if we have AIIMS in Kashmir, it will be for the whole State and not any particular region,” he said.

Parra said ‘exploitative and divisive’ politics by NC and Congress over the issue is only going to hurt the economic interests of the State and the emancipated people of Jammu and Kashmir are not going to get carried away by their deceitful politics and opportunistic tactics.


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