Mufti Government Worst than its Predecessor, says UJC Chief Salahuddin

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Castigating Mufti Sayeed led government in Jammu and Kashmir for resorting to “repressive means to suppress the freedom sentiments” in Kashmir, United Jihad Council Chief Syed Salahuddin Friday said that people who expected something positive from Mufti led government are living in a fools’ paradise as this government miserably failed to face the pressure from Narendra Modi Government over the release of individual (Masrat Alam).

“Mufti government has been proving worse than the previous government. Hurriyat leadership must join hands to fight against the sinister designs of occupational forces of India,” Salahuddin said.

In a statement to CNS, spokesperson United Jihad Council Syed Sadaqat Hussain quoting Salahuddin said that Hizb Chief while addressing a high level meeting said that Narendra Modi led government has decided to use Mufti Muhammad Sayeed to materialize their plans in Kashmir.

“India has planned to settle Pandits in separate townships on Israeli pattern, to butcher Muslims in Kashmir on Gujarat pattern and to provide state-subject rights to the West Pakistan Hindu refugees in Jammu and Kashmir. To implement these sinister plans, Modi led government has already decided to take the services of Mufti Sayeed,” he said.

Salahuddin appealed Hurriyat leadership to join hands to face these challenges collectively.

“In fact, these Hurriyat leaders can run their organization as they do it at present but for sake of freedom struggle and in the interest of people, these leaders ought to adopt a single strategy,” he said adding that the unity shown by Geelani, Mirwaiz and Yasin Malik at Narbal is a good news for freedom loving people of Kashmir.

Condemning detention and shifting of Masrat Alam outside Kashmir, he said that it is not a new thing for Alam as since 1990 he has went to jail 26 times and from four and a half year, he was booked under draconian PSA for six times and yet his ‘zeal for freedom’ did not wane.

“The arrest of Masrat Alam has made it once again clear that government of India has no respect for court verdicts and it cares a fig for the puppet government in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said adding that the struggle against ‘occupational forces’ would continue.

United Jihad Council Chief supported the strike call forwarded by Syed Ali Geelani on April 25 (Saturday) against the detention of Masrat Alam under Public Safety Act.


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