Ailing Healthcare in Sopore

The hospitals in Sopore district of Baramulla presents a very grim picture of the health sector in the town.The area has one sub-district hospital, one maternity hospital and some Primary health centres (PHC)working in the peripheries.
These hospitals cater to the needs of the population of some 118,608 people (according to the census of 2011) of the town with some Phc’s that are there in namesake only.
The maternity hospital which was once the sub-district hospital has not been upgraded since the sub-district hospital was shifted.
“I started coming to this mother and child care hospital(MCH) since I conceived, but sorry to say this looks more like a cowshed where cows are forcibly kept, there is only one laboratory which has to perform the tests of so many ladies and there is no Ultrasonography  plant for the poor patients, no heating arrangements and no proper medicines  available,” said an expecting mother wishing anonymity.
On the other hand, The MCH is located in the main market and it caters to the needs of thousands of women around the area but the infrastructure and facilities are not even of the standard of a local clinic
“There are no proper waiting rooms available in the hospital, “doctors examine three to four patients at a time which causes confusion and chaos. ” a patient said.


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