Akalis support Er Rashid

KL Report


A prominent sikh leader, S. Simranjit Singh Mann has appealed the Kashmiri Sikhs and Muslims to vote en-masse for Engineer Rashid so that he becomes the voice of the Kashmir’s peoples in all forums of the world.

According to a party statement that was forwarded to press via AIP, “Engineer Rashid has always helped him whenever S S Mann visited Kashmir to address the human rights of the Kashmir’s People and there legislate rights to hold a plebiscite to decide their political future. Engineer.Rashid has also accompanied S. Simranjit Singh Mann whenever Mann has addressed the members of the J&K high court Bar which has heard Mann in pin drop silence. It must be remembered that Mann and his party SAD (Amritsar) in protest of the demolition of the Islamic religious shrine the Babri Masjid in 1992 was arrested by the UP Govt. when hundreds of Sikhs sent UP under Mann’s leadership to Condemn this sacrilege by the BJP Govt. in UP and central Govt of the congress under Prime Minister Narsima Rao.”

It said, “Engineer Rashid has also accompanied S. Simranjit Singh Mann to Muzaffarnagar in Oct 2013 when the BJP RSS cadres massacred thousands of innocent Muslims and committed atrocities this women folk.”

The statement further said, “Mann is proud to say that EngineerRashid condemned the judicial murder of Afzal Guru by the ManMohan Singh government by raising his voice in the state Assembly.”


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