Akhtar lacks knowledge of his ministry: Tara Chand

KL Report


Reacting to Education Minister Naeem Akhtar’s statement where he blamed previous government of leaving the education system of JK in shambles, the former Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Tara Chand Sunday suggested Akhtar to “gather knowledge about his ministry before blaming previous government.”

“It is easy for Nayeem Ahktar to blame the previous government. The fact is that he lacks the knowledge of his ministry. I suggest him to go through the details of his ministry before issuing such statements,” Tara Chand told KNS.

He claimed that the NC-Congress government did everything to strength the education system in the state. “Blaming for everything to previous government is a routine for the PDP leaders. It was me as an Education Minister who promoted 22 thousand teachers to fill the vacant posts. I referred all the vacant posts to Public Service Commission and Service Selection Board but unfortunately they failed to fill the posts,” the former minister claimed.

“NC- Congress government framed many policies for the betterment of the education system. For ALC, and backward areas we framed ReT pattern policy and appointed teachers. When PSC and SSB failed to appoint teachers we went for academic arrangements,” he said and added that if at all the government is serious towards the education system they should immediately fill the vacant posts and implement the policies which were framed by the previous NC-Congress government.

Nayeem Akhtar had on Saturday alleged that the previous regime left the education system in JK in shambles thus making it a huge task for the present government to revitalize it.

“The government schools in past had failed to keep pace with the changing demands of education. The system is broken down. I am not blaming anybody but I have seen from past one month that system is not functioning properly. We have to give it a new life,” he told reporters here.


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