Let there be debate over donation fee in Pvt schools: Edu Minister 

KL Report


Education Minister Naeem Akhtar Sunday while commenting over the issue of donation fee which has become a trend in private schools, stressed for a public debate over the issue.

The private schools of Kashmir Sunday reacted sharply to the ‘loot’ remark made by education minister for the fee charged by private educational institutes, terming it ‘highly unfortunate’.

Talking to KNS, Naeem Akhtar said the issue of donation fee in private schools must be debated in public so the people could have their say over this trend. “Let there be a public debate over this issue. In democracy, everyone has a right to express his, her opinion over any issue pertaining to the society at large. The fact is that we have to put our own house in order. Consolidation of opinion is important,” said the education minister adding that it is encouraging that already a debate has been initiated over the present education system in Jammu and Kashmir.

Meanwhile, terming the ‘loot’ remark made by education minister for the fee charged by private educational institutes as highly unfortunate, said the Private Schools United Front (PSUF) offered to provide free and quality education to each and every student in Kashmir if government spends just half of its education budget on private educational institutes. “The use of word loot by an education minister is highly unfortunate. For them hoarding and selling of low quality item by shopkeepers is an aberration but providing of best quality education against some fee is loot,” said G N Var, chairman PSUF. “Maybe for them the work done by government schools is some kind of charity. Before making such remarks they forget that their own sons and daughter study at these schools.”


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